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Quick Overview

OTO ACTIVE represents the specific Active Line diet developed to help all dogs in which the intolerance symptoms occur in the ear, which don’t respond satisfactorily to conventional therapy.

Oto Active is recommended for all dogs suffering: continuous head shaking, ear infection, redness and unpleasant odors, otitis externa, smelly ears, waxy otitis, itchy ears and paw scratching of the ears.

Oto Active’s effectiveness is mainly supported by a study published in collaboration with the University of Camerino (Italy), which demonstrates significant improvements within just a few days of administering this food, with reduced auricle and external ear canal inflammation and a reduction in earwax and drainage from the ear canal in more than 80% of cases. In addition, a multicentric study demonstrated how dogs suffering from chronic otitis enjoyed significant improvements in symptoms after just a few days in more than 70% of cases.

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